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Residential Services

Misericordia's residential services provide a wide range of choices for individuals to thrive in an environment that allows them to live as independently as possible.  Each residential option is supported and connected through Misericordia's campus, where a comprehensive network of services and opportunities are provided.  Misericordia provides residential options both on campus and in the community.

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) is a residential choice located in the nearby community for adults with developmental disabilities (individuals over 18 years of age).  Misericordia's CILA Homes provide live-in and support staff. All of Misericordia’s CILA homes are located within close proximity to the campus so CILA residents have access to all of the services and social activities on campus. The adults who live in the CILAs primarily function in the mild to moderate range of disability, are ambulatory and do not require 24 hour nursing care.

Brian O. Shannon Apartment Building, located on campus, provides apartment style living for individuals over 18 years of age.  Residents live within their own apartment along with their roommates and Misericordia staff is available to provide guidance, supervision, training and other assistance.  The residents who live in the apartments primarily function in the moderate range of disability, are ambulatory, have the ability to initiate activities and do not require 24 hour nursing care. 

Heart of Mercy Village consists of nine single-family homes located on campus that provide staff support and supervision 24 hours a day. The residents tend to be younger and are all ambulatory though some may use a walker for long distances.  Placement in the Village homes requires that the residents do not need 24 hour nursing care. Support services focus on self-help skills, socialization and activities of daily living.

Mercy Glen is comprised of four individual residences each of which is home to 12 adults with moderate developmental disabilities. The adults are involved daily in the Heart of Mercy Work Opportunity Program or job sites in the community.

McGowan Home is a residence focused on the needs of non-ambulatory adults. Wide, push-button doorways, electric wheelchair ports, physical therapy/positioning areas and adaptive equipment are features that help individuals achieve independence in their daily lives. Although physically dependent on staff for daily care, the residents of McGowan have no problem using computers and communication devices to let their families and friends in on the news of the day. Misericordia staff (and nursing care is available to pass medications or as needed for medical issues) is present 24 hours.  Residents of the McGowan Home primarily function in the mild to moderate cognitive range, and are non-ambulatory.

The Marian Center is a two-story building located on Misericordia’a campus comprised of ten apartments conjoined by a beautiful atrium which provides an element of outdoors even when the weather is inclement. The adults who live in the Marian Center primarily function in the severe to profound range of disabilities and need more supervision, nursing and physical care. 


Mother Catherine McAuley Residence  is a skilled-nursing facility where individuals who are non-ambulatory and have severe and profound disabilities benefit from skilled nursing care and special programs. All of them are challenged to reach their full potential. Misericordia Home provides services to children and adults with disabilities ranging from mild-moderate to severe and profound. 


Holbrook Residence provides services to 25 adults who are non-ambulatory and 26 adults who are approaching their senior years enjoy lives of challenge and dignity. 

Rosemary Residence is home to 13 non-ambulatory children.

Connelly Residence is home to 16 adults who are non-ambulatory.